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Doodle Owners Social Network


Doodle Owners: Has anyone join a social network or community for Doodle owners only? It seems like a great way to connect, share your Doodle stories and obtain advice. I found –   which seems to have a lot of members. I also found a UK based site, Doodle Mania, I am sure […]

Labradoodle Service Dog for Aimee Copeland


Many will remember the story from last year about Aimee Copeland, a Georgia resident that gained nationwide coverage and support after battling a severe flesh eating bacteria. The bacterial infection resulted in the loss of both her hands and one leg. The folks at PSD Academy are making Aimee’s life a little easier with  “Bell”, […]

Would the Goldendoodle make an acceptable Guide dog?


 Many people contact us asking if the Goldendoodle dog would make a good “guide” dog. While we do not sell our Goldendoodles for therapy, guide or assistance type services, we certainly do not believe they are not capable of performing these tasks. The Goldendoodle dog is highly intelligent and easily trained. They have a desire […]